Credit unions, unique and seeded with tradition, are the heart of the “People Helping People” philosophy. With needs unlike those of other financial institutions, it is essential for credit unions to be able to compete in the financial arena. As the credit unions’ “credit union”, Tricorp Federal Credit Union’s only motivation in serving the member’s needs is to build a stronger, more independent credit union owned financial network.

As the worldwide financial environment changes, Tricorp remains committed to providing credit unions the products and services they need to succeed.

Liquidity Tight? We've A Simple Solution

Issuing share certificates through SimpliCD gives your credit union a centralized way to quickly raise funds and generate liquidity. Your credit union’s certificates are marketed through the SimpliCD Issuance program which taps into a nationwide market of more than 4,300 credit union investors. With one phone call, your credit union will have the ability to issue certificates in amounts and terms that can be tailored to suit your asset/liability needs.

Interested in getting started?  Simply contact Louise Lachance at llachance@tricorp.org and let us help you raise the liquidity you need.

Investment Spending

The Need for Very Low Interest Rates in an Era of Subdued Investment Spending

Thomas Klitgaard and Harry Wheeler

Why have interest rates stayed low for so long after the financial crisis—and will they remain low for the foreseeable future? One way to answer these questions is to use the accounting identity that global saving must equal physical investment spending and argue that low rates have been necessary to prop up investment spending enough to match saving. Read more as these authors highlight the possible factors behind, and implications of, the low-interest-rate environment experienced in the United States.

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